Cooking Techniques Everyone Should Know

Learning proper cooking techniques is crucial for any cook. They will help you create dishes with flavor and visual appeal. You’ll learn how to properly slice and saute foods, as well as simmer and poach meals. Listed below are some important techniques every cook should know. After reading this article, you’ll be able to prepare and enjoy a meal in no time. You can begin to improve your cooking skills today!


Sautéing is a common kitchen technique that uses a mixture of fats, such as butter, oil, or other types of vegetable fat, to cook foods quickly. These fats are heated in a pan that’s hot enough to caramelize food quickly, but not so hot that it burns. Food cooked this way will be slightly browned on the outside and cooked through in the middle. This technique falls somewhere between stir-frying and searing.


Slicing is one of the basic cooking techniques. In most recipes, the slicer is held at an angle of 30 degrees. You can also try a diagonal cut, which is common in Asian cuisine. Either way, you should follow the proper technique. The goal of slicing is to cut ingredients into thin, even slices. This will ensure consistent cooking times. To learn more about slicing, keep reading.


Poaching is a simple technique in which an ingredient is submerged in a liquid containing a low temperature, usually between 160 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Poached foods include eggs, fish, vegetables, fruits, and meats. Some people prefer to add herbs and spices to enhance the flavor of their poached items. But the technique works with almost any ingredient. Here are a few reasons to learn poaching:


Simmering is a technique for controlling heat. When cooking on the stove, you want to keep the temperature between 185 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use a cooking thermometer to measure the temperature, but most people just use their senses. For most recipes, a constant simmer temperature is sufficient. To keep the temperature constant, you should stir occasionally and keep the heat constant.


Everyone should know how to steam foods to create delicious meals. It’s an effective, fast method of cooking, but there are some risks involved. Here are some reasons why steaming is a cooking technique everyone should know. Let’s start with the health benefits of steaming. Food cooked with water vapors remains light and moist. It’s also easy on the environment. You don’t need to cook it in butter or oil.

Baked potatoes

There are several techniques for baking potatoes, but the first one is the most important: don’t forget to rinse them! To avoid soggy skins, scrub the potatoes with a vegetable brush. Don’t forget to dry them off completely, either. Potatoes that are too wet or too dry won’t bake up as fluffy as those with a crisp skin. Here are three cooking techniques for potatoes that every kitchen should know.


Cooking on a grill takes advantage of thermal radiation, a process that enhances the flavor and aroma of food. In the cooking process, proteins, sugars and other food ingredients are changed from a pale pink to an intense char. These changes are called the Maillard reaction. The process also cooks foods fast, seals in their juices and produces a superior texture. To learn more about grilling, read the article below.

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