The cheese, the cheese!!

10 Jun

I joke that I visit France only for the cheese. It’s becoming less than half a blague.

For the past week or so with my wife’s relatives we have bought at local markets and eaten brie, camembert, tomme, pont l’eveque, cantal, roquefort and several sorts of curds made from goats’ milk. All were sublime — magnificent, perfect. Just transcendent eats. 

All were made from raw milk, which gives them huge flavour, sweetness and magnificent, consistent texture.

For decades I’ve had to listen to Australian cheesemakers bleating about the smoke and mirrors attributed to raw milk. They’re protecting their markets, of course, but they’re also either idiots or people without palates.

Let me repeat something I’ve said several times: almost all Australian cheeses are absolute rubbish. They’re not unhealthy or necessarily badly made. It’s just that they have absolutely zero flavour alongside real cheeses.

That you and I pay our taxes to support Canberra functionaries who prevent both our making and importing raw-milk cheese is appalling. Perhaps Abbott can find them something better to do.

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  1. Michelle Louis 10 June, 2013 at #

    Damn right.

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