Cheers for ‘The Age’

20 Apr

It’s fairly rare that a newspaper rectifies a wrong it has published. So at least two cheers for this morning’s Melbourne ‘Age’, which published the major part of my complaint about Dr John Carmody’s malicious and erroneous review of my book ‘A Lasting Record’ last Saturday.

Published was my complaint about the two important errors Dr Carmody made in his review. So bad were they, that they suggested he simply hadn’t read key chapters of the book. ‘The Age’ left out my citing examples of Dr Carmody’s unwarranted, baseless slurs.

But I’m delighted with what did get published, and my thanks go to news director Steve Foley, Saturday editor Margaret Easterbrook and their team.


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  1. R. J. Stove 21 April, 2013 at #

    Can’t find your complaint online at The Age‘s website (though I had no difficulty in tracking down Carmody’s original diatribe); was the publication of your riposte a hard-copy exclusive?

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