Chartier: stop the presses

25 Jun

I’ve said many good things over several years about Bouillon Chartier in Paris, only a few weeks ago writing here that it had to be Paris’s best restaurant.

Stop the presses! La Dominique and I ate there tonight and were very disappointed.  The foie gras had been plated up too early, and showed it.  A fork and glasses were dirty, and, worst of all, a steak ordered ‘bleu’ was still very cool in the centre.

And Chartier’s andouillette (shit sausage), which I’ve raved about before, was overcooked on one side, causing a crusting several square centimetres in area and half a centimetre thick. Inedible. Well, not inedible, but something that destroyed wholly the character of a good portion of the sausage.

You can imagine my disappointment. But I have to take on board something that Parisian relatives have warned me about: Chartier can vary because of the vast numbers of covers it daily serves. And I can no longer recommend it without reservation.

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    If you can manage it I would love to hear your views on Petrelle

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