‘Blackie’ is at last online

5 Dec

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Alternatively you could subscribe to site updates via my newsletter. Thanks for visiting! Enter your email address:Delivered by FeedBurnerRandom House published my book Blackie in 2003, but in recent years several people have asked me where they can get a copy. Of […]

How Grech conditions you to pay

3 Feb

One of three air-conditioners in our house, a Lennox has never worked well. Soon after it was installed about 10 years ago it required several visits from a technician to get it working properly. In those days, it was under warranty. Now, it isn’t, and it still behaves erratically, cutting off every few minutes when […]

BCPA kills William Kapell

29 Oct

Sixty years ago today, Resolution, a four-engine DC-6 of British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines, ploughed into a mountainside south of San Francisco, killing all 19 on board. Although two or three Australian civil-aviation crashes have resulted in more deaths, the Californian tragedy remains the worst Australian commercial air crash on an international route. (BCPA was half-owned […]

Tragic anniversary

23 Oct

Sixty years ago this morning, pianist William Kapell stormed the offices of the ABC in Melbourne demanding a tape of his concert the night before. Over 3AR, the national broadcaster had aired only one item from the recital — Chopin’s opus 35, the ‘Funeral March’ sonata. Kapell, who had just turned 31 and was seen […]

Spirit’s dispiriting dishes

22 Oct

If I were a connection of Petuna seafood or Nichols Poultry or 41 South, the first thing I’d do is remove my products from the Spirit of Tasmania’s ‘top’ restaurant. A colleague and I ate in The Leatherwood Restaurant a few nights ago. Never again. And the dishes at the cheap buffet Captain’s Table just […]